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Birth Control generic in drugstore

Birth control medication definition

Modern pharmacology offers a huge number of different products, which are intended to prevent pregnancy. The last decades are notable for the fact that the choice of oral contraceptives, i.e. tablets contraceptives, is constantly updated with new drugs that, according to manufacturers, are safe for the health of women taking these agents. This is a very reliable method of contraception: birth control effectiveness pills provide the most protection against pregnancy in more than 99% of cases. Choice of effective birth control methods - it is very individual and depends on many factors as age, the body's response, condition of the body at the moment, plans for the future, frequency of sexual activity. As the choice is wide, it is better to consult a doctor in order to have effects of birth control.

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Alesse refers to combination-type contraceptives. It is used as a means of contraception and regulation of the menstrual cycle in the reproductive age, eliminates ovulatory symptoms and premenstrual syndrome.
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Ortho TriCyclen refers to hormonal contraceptive’s class for systemic use. Preparation reliably blocks ovulation, and hence in the same way protection against pregnancy.
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Yasmin is a combined low-dose monophasic contraceptive with antimineralocorticoid and anti-androgenic properties. Indications are hormonal contraception. It is also recommended for acne, hormone-dependent fluid retention.
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Yaz covers to hormonal contraceptive. Medicament is applied under contraception, treatment of mild forms of acne vulgaris, treatment of heavy forms of premenstrual syndrome.

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As a rule, oral contraceptives are a form of hormonal contraception. There are several types of most effective birth control:

  • combined (Yaz, Yasmin, Alesse, Ortho TriCyclen);
  • progestogens ("mini-pill");
  • nonhormonal agents;
  • preparations of emergency action (Morning After Pill).

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How effective is birth control? Oral contraceptive preparations may be recommended not only as a contraceptive protection as well as for the treatment of these diseases as regulating menstrual periods, generally irregular periods, dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), endometriosis, menorrhagia (heavy periods), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), hirsutism (excessive hair growth) and alopecia (hair loss), acne, reducing the risk of ovarian cysts, breast cysts, pelvic inflammatory illness and pregnancy in the fallopian tubes. Effective birth control may also be applied to prevent the development of ovarian cancer and also endometrial cancer. However, it should be understood that the pill does not protect against diseases that are sexually transmitted. Taking the preparations women should be aware of contraindications to receive them, side effects of birth control, rules of taking the pills that their reception should not be long and the choice of oral contraceptives should be performed only by a physician after a thorough diagnosis and anamnesis of the patient.

Side effects of Birth control drugs

The most common unwanted birth control side effects of pills are nausea, breast engorgement, mood changes, headache, weight gain, decreased libido, missed periods, vaginal discharge, changes of contact lenses. If a woman who takes the medicament, get any collateral effects, as shown below, you should immediately seek medical attention or call emergency care: abdominal pain, chest pain (as well as shortness of breath), severe headache, eye problems such as blurred vision / blindness, swelling / aching pain in the legs and thighs (redness, swelling or pain in the calves or thighs). Some studies have shown that birth control remedies can cause elevation of blood pressure, the occurrence of hepatic benign tumors and a slight increase in the risk of developing cervical cancer.

Birth control interactions pills online without prescription

Many of the medications that you take can engage with the contraceptive drugs and lead to unpredictable consequences, including unwanted pregnancy - is not the worst. Therefore, you should consult with a physician, preferably a specialist-pharmacist, if you are already taking or planning to start receiving other preparations.

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